At The Mill House we encourage you to find refuge and adventure.


Hidden in the mountains of a wild, sleepy town - Lander, Wyoming; The Mill House is the perfect location to roam free, explore, and satiate your wanderlust in a place that the famed literary-romantic, Ernest Hemingway, once called "extraordinary."





The Lander flour mill was built in the year 1888 by Eugene Amoretti. The mill was the first big step towards the town becoming self-sufficient. Before it was opened, it took two weeks to get a shipment of flour from the nearby town of Rawlins. For years, this iconic building functioned as Lander's only flour mill, producing enough flour for the whole town.


The mill was first run using a water wheel, but in 1890 it switched to electricity. Because the mill was only operational during the day, the excess electricity that was produced during the off hours was not being used, and thus the mill allowed the Lander, Wyoming to use the excess electricity. This simple act led to a small, western town to being one of the first to have electricity within the United States.


The mill remained operational until the late 1950's.


Now the mill breaths new life as a boutique hotel. Everything at The Mill House was meticulously created bye local artists and craftsmen, and the integrity of the mill's iconic building remains in tact.